Welcome to the Mansion of Stories

I’m glad you found your way here. You have arrived at what I like to think of as a Mansion of Stories, mysteries, yes and secrets. We can explore the Mansion of Stories together from the Courtyard, where we will encounter a story for each season, Stories for All Seasons.

Moving into the mansion itself of course we can smell something delicious in the kitchen. Lil is the one cooking up not only wonderful food (I think that’s what attracted Dirk & Drock to her kitchen), but she is also weaving a fantastic tale of children lost on the Magic Mountain of Storm. Their lives become entangled with archetypal creatures, Skymaster, Shawoman, Mother Magic,  Brother Rock Dwaarf, and a host of skuttling little creatures, some helpful, and some not. The tale of the Secrets of the Lost Children unfolds on the Blue Rainbow, right out of Lil’s kitchen. (Click here for Blue Rainbow)

In the back of the Mansion of Stories there is a garden where a wise woman, Sophie, hangs out. If you stay with me here while we wait for Sophie and I’ll tell you some very puzzling tales of mind and spirit from around the world. These tales will make the time fly by while we’re Waiting for Sophie.

And of course there is a garden–a very special organic garden. Built on the Iriquis understanding that if you give to the land, the land gives back, this garden documents the reality of that principal as it draws a community together and helps to heal the troubled minds of our urban populations. Have a look at what we call Drawing Down the Sky. (and Drawing Down the Sky Pt. 2) (and Drawing Down the Sky Pt. 3)

I’ll bet you’re curious about what is in the attic of this old mansion. We can head up this narrow, winding staircase, and here we are at the top. It’s the Swiss Alps place of the Mansion of Stories—a very heady place. I think it was Leo Tolstoy who said “If for every head there is a mind, then for every heart there is love, a special pathway of connection.” Up here we will connect with some profound stories told by Jungian Analysts. We’ll visit an old Benedictine Monastery and attend a passion play, the Welttheatre. This is the atmosphere that inspired Carl Jung as he explored Spirituality, Dreams & Nightmares.

Yes, sometimes the life we live can pique our curiosity. Who am I really? And who are you really? The best place I know of to wonder about this is in the bedroom of the Mansion of Stories–where our dreams and longings develop. Just off the bedroom is a little sitting room, part sunroom and part portal to the night sky. This is where we can meet to explore Spiritual Companioning. Here is what is likely to happen in this kind of relationship. (Click here for Stories Can Help)

Through this little round window leading out of the sitting room in our Mansion of Stories, we can crawll onto the roof of the Mansion of Stories and get a glimpse of the sky. We can follow the Moon as she moves through the constellations, and get a feel of her subtle mystery in the way our ancestors did—through mapping the sky and through poetry. Moon Musings can get us out of our heads and into our hearts.

Enough of being on the roof? Let’s go back down to the courtyard where we began. I’ve gathered with my family there to work through some troubling news. We may have begun this exploration as children, but we all get older, and as we do, we need to deal with what life throws at us. Now in my seventies, this is my story of working through trouble which I call Complicated Truths.

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