Night Reading (WFS-1)

Night Reading, our first story in this series of story paradoxes, challenges our ability to stay curious when what we are feeling is a sense of confusion. How many of us want to charge ahead with a desire to get something done.  Come to the beach with me. We can wait for Sophie there together, and take a few minutes to pause, to slow down.  Take a listen.

night reading

2 thoughts on “Night Reading (WFS-1)

  1. My curiosity is kindled by this Sufi teaching story. One of many collected by the late Idries Shah, it comes from a long oral teaching tradition. Shaikh-Pir Shattari, the author of this story, died in India in 1632. His shrine is at Meerut. Yes, the story was created long ago, and it was just created in your listening. The beauty of a teaching story is that it is rooted in every-day lived experience. Indeed, as the sun sets, who doesn’t go in search of a lamp?

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