Time is Time (WFS-8)

AS Saturn enters Scorpio, we might feel inclined to wander out of the abstract and into our gut feelings, perhaps some that we have ignored or denied in favour of safer places. Saturn (or the Greek Chronos) turns our attention to the relentless procession of life’s hours. Another important concern erupts when we experience the presence of Saturn in Scorpio: fate. We know we will, each one of us, die. It seems to me Saturn in Scorpio asks this question: how will we live deeply? Saturn will wander around Scorpio for the next 2-1/2 years, so we have lots of time to explore these energies. If you have a Scorpio Sun, and are around 30, 60 or 90(!) years old, you will be experiencing an intensified sense of Saturn (Saturn Return). For me, my progressed Sun is in Scorpio, so that holds for me as well. I am reminded of the surprised peace activist who travelled to Central America in war time. Suddenly the women fighting broke off, joined together in a circle and began to sing and dance. “Are you just going to quit?” asked the activist. To whom the dancing women replied: You can go home next week. But we are here for life. We need to celebrate now!” After which they all resumed the battle. Here is a teaching story on the same theme. Have a look.

One thought on “Time is Time (WFS-8)

  1. What a wonderful video, Lutia. I’ve never seen that kind of instrument, don’t know what it is, and you can play it! The story of the peace activist makes me laugh, as I may have been one of those travelers who considered myself empathetic b/c I could eat street food, unwashed, like any native. Truly, the fact is, we’re here until we’re not…and this intensity, too, will pass.

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