WFS #9: Preference

Living in this profoundly integrated technological, I realize that “preference” is not just a matter of liking or not liking something within your own frame of reference and values. It is about learning to appreciate that others might come from another set of references (and maybe don’t know it!).I guess it is about neighborhood and community.  I had such an experience todayof fundamental difference and chose to talk it out. That was hard. But now I feel we can move on to open out our neighborhood and community dialogue.  Here is a teaching story that warns about the disconnect that is all to easy. Traditions are of course important. But it seems to me we are urged be as up-do-date as now. As the waning Gibbous Moon takes leave of the Tropical Sign of Gemini, we feel the urge to go home (Tropical Sign of Cancer) and exercise our most important of shared values: Hospitality (even if it cannot at the moment,  be accepted) .Still we can share an intimate moment.  Take a listen:



sigh* I still didn't get a good tripod setup. ...


One thought on “WFS #9: Preference

  1. I absolutely love this. How beautiful to see/hear your story. do you have your own channel on youtube? Soon you’ll have gazillions of hits I bet. very wonderful. Good to see you on Wednesday. I hope whatever you are dealing with is not too difficult. let me know if I can help at all. or just commiserate.

    Blessed Be!


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