WFS #10: Teacher in the Well

A friend asked me this week: How do you meditate? I tried to answer, but realize now that there is more to that question, like why do you meditate? And when do you meditate? It’s the Sufi mystic Rumi who often compares spirituality to wine: How do you hold the glass if it is red, and how if it is white? Why do you sip or drink deeply? When do you pour yourself and others a glass?

This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know how intimidating an encounter with a sommelier can be. So too can be an encounter with a professional guru, priest, professor. I think it was Leonard Cohen who said he had tried every form of meditation, then turned to the vast array of pharmaceuticals, sex, red wine. But somehow cheerfulness kept breaking through. Here is a story about someone thirsting for wisdom so much that he literally fell in the well!





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