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evolutionary astrology

evolutionary astrology

Nodes-Moon 2I like to think of our lives as part of a long process, where the Soul makes choices for us that we then want and need to master. Evolutionary Astrology tracks the evolution of your consciousness. I start with a natal chart reading, what energies the mind, body, spirit and soul encountered when entering this world—the point of your birth. There are many ways to look at these Evolutionary Astrology energies which include  emotional depth and potential purpose and meaning of your direction and development. Biology is of course part of this, but more important for me is the course of development which the human soul is seeking. What does this mean? Working with you, it means that we look at the cosmic energies surrounding your birth, the subsequent development of the life process, and the compatibility of soul with our choices and intentions. A first reading takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hours. The reading is recorded so you can assimilate the material and add your own thoughts to it. A second reading might be scheduled after a year’s time. This is a process of discovery of the self, the long process of maturation that time requires, and of possibilities for future growth. I am a graduate of the Complete Course in Evolutionary Astrology and continue my practice with life passages (marriage, birth, divorce, death), using this very specific and pointed tool for cosmic perception. Please contact me directly at  tel.(416) 588-3121 or by e-mail at <lutialausane@sympatico.ca>  I look forward to meeting and working with you. The only information I need from you is: the Date of your birth, the Time of your birth, and the Location of your birth. We can proceed from there. We can meet in person (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) or by phone. I’m so looking forward to working with you. This is the beginning of a new future for both of us. Lutia

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