Tarot Poem October 2015–Incarnation is Not a God

It is in this season, in this year, that I recall you, shadow of a failed relationship marking the end of a cycle. We journeyed long together and though starting again, I will miss you. In these days when Saturn squares Neptune, here are my last words that I scatter now to the Autumn winds.

October Tarot Poem: Incarnation is not a god


Now lost in time I remember you in my veins as a god

the unexpected time, oh foolish love

you came as pure love into my ruined day.

I darted toward you sure as wind

wing, feather

for the containers we were.

Now become

ash-filled remnants of youthful passion

grown real.

Stilled by love and loss

by warble and howel

our hearts hallowed and filled

remembering the warmth

kindling to flame

again and again.

Oh human soul

be still and know your god.

Now we stand separated on a sunset shore

hearing nocturnal petals close in our hearts.

We were given the cup of first love

desire springing from dreams

green pen on lavender paper

celebrating each other

penned words of joy

music pouring into our wondering souls

all stumbling stilled.

We flowed

yet then rising out of the wave’s thrust

the trident rose

splitting our tongues

bringing down fire and storm

the crashing wave after the throbbing crest.

When love fails

the monsters of the deep

begin their own jab and thrust

lampoons tied to the body

and with them, we rise.

As the last whisper of leaves

bury themselves

and the glance of setting sun

glows wild and wicked

I wonder if failing can live without threat,

ages and ages of threat.

Now you arrive

making pathless ways as shadows shroud.

I feel rain blurring the water colour

on the persistent canvas of my soul.

We are separate

Yet we are together

here in a confusion


a confounding unity.

You are my deep body

in which you took shape.

You are here again embracing my angry widowhood

and you sprout wings under your flowing cloak

mix potions with sunset eyes.

Death arrives as this winter gathers

and all things flow between our brimming cups.

I bring avocados

you, lemons

to celebrate our fleeting last moment together

cycle’s end

and I know

incarnation is not a god.

by Lutia Lausane, copyright Just Peachy Productions 17 December 2015

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