MM#13–Harvest, Hunter & Celestial Threads


Timing, so important to our lives, lives both on earth and swirls around us from the stars, from the Sun, from our galaxy. As we in our small ways bring in the harvest, we struggle as did our ancestors with the arrow that is drawn at the beast, out there and within us. Here is a Fall Equinox reflection.

 Harvest, Hunters & Celestial Threads 

The thick flock startles the air

clearing the Temple

new rule nailed to the wall.


the white Chancel trembles

the mad Moon whistles her dares.

We chant

we compose

we think to cast stones

our ravenous prayers

as we open the harvest cellar.

From down below

stirred by bird flap and feathers

by salt and hope

rises the corn

the wheat reborn.

The stone floor receives our knees,

cracks the silence stained by privilege.

Twilight bursts in the tree tops like wildfire

and from afar cries autumn’s entry.

Close light from below draws down celestial threads

slant of galaxies slashing our sky.

Yes we are writing the earth with our tears

with our toes

with our hunger

with our chant and claspsed hands:

With Stars.

By Lutia Lausane, copyright Just Peachy Productions, September 2016





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