MM#17–Venus as Albatross

Experiencing my first Holotropic Breathwork session which was developed by Stan and Christina Grof, I found in my arms the wings of an Albatross. Learning that the Albatross mate for life and return to their birth rock once a year to nest and bring forth one chick. Their annual courtship is a dance upon the rock and it brought to my mind the beautiful Rose Orbit that Venus makes around the Sun: a dance in the Cosmos and a dance on the Rock. Here is the meditation I created during this remarkable session. Thanks to Maurice Fernandez for pointing out the resonance.


evolutionary astrology

Venus as Albatross: Air, Fire & Wave

The Land makes the myth
Then the myth carries it
Soaring on the currents
Gliding like fire on the wave
Work of memory and love
Memory soaring with high
High praise
Wings outspread
Searching the wind
And legs
Ready to dance
To drum the rock of birth
Life’s open poem
The myth unfurls
And she haunts the curves
Air, Fire and Wave
She mimics the Rose Orbit
Of Venus
Who will emerge to gain the morning sky
With secrets
She will slowly
In her time
The Albatross soars in an errand of love
Bent on a flight as old as time
And the Rose Centre of our world

by Lutia Lausane, copyright Just Peachy Productions March 2017

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