MM#20: Moon’s Brave Thumbprint

Here is a poem sprung from the experience of a Full Solar Eclipse in which for a few minutes the electro-magnetic rays of the Sun are blocked by our Moon. It is thought that our Pineal gland is particularly sensitive to these rays, enlivening and enlightening our connection to Divine Consciousness. During this cosmic event, a small group of us walked the High Park Labyrinth, welcoming images and insights, creating in Mandala circles a reflection of what we experienced together. Here is my poem.

Moon’s Brave Thumbprint: Full Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017

There! That place in the sky

Align toes

Align Sun

Align gaze

Align Moon

Align breath

Align onto Earth’s steady path.

The tiny stones

the curves


don’t look up

look down

Draw Mandala words.

As the orb of the Moon

appears large in the wavering puddles

under trees where we dare to see


sure as a gong

rift and tear

Right there, right Here!

Moon’s brave thumbprint

not as a restless ceiling

but as a rent in the wild eye

Of Labyrinth and Sky.

by Lutia Lausane, Copyright Just Peachy Productions, 8 September 2017


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