MM 22–White Raven’s Shadow

Standing on the High Park Labyrinth in Toronto, the Labyrinth lit with candles celebrating hibernating bees, all of us shivering in the great shadow of our indigenous neighbours, we are taught Great Spirit Find Me. And in the candle light I hear a raven, and I see it white–a true blending of the spirits that hover over this land. It is Winter Solstice, 2018.

Image 2017-09-11 at 8.15 PM

Great Spirit Find Me

I trust this flight
filling my soul
with white raven’s shadow
across my shoulder.
My hands receive
divine feathers of celestial light

Now talons on my shoulder
a soft connect, no torn skin
white raven finds
my need for healing.

I lift this cloud of sage to her
I begin to sing
though we speak not in the same tongue.
We intone together

I am as awkward in air
as she is on the ground, yet still we intone:
Great Spirit Find Me.

by Lutia Lausane, copyright Just Peachy Productions, December 2018

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