MM21–Agreement Between Willing Souls

On the day and the candy day after while children have shown their dreams and costumes, many take time to visit the ancestors, the strong people whose blood flows through us. Here is a celebration of All Soul’s Day.

MM 21 (All Souls Day 2017)
Agreement Between Willing Souls


My heart knows what the river knows.
Now in the pre-dawn dark
is a chance to spirit away the weapons
to find someone near me like a caress
who stays
who will never go away.
And though the plains and plans
are filled with races of rage
the one who quietly speaks
who darres to be and bow
is my picture of courage.
Like a wheel dipping with Moon cups
then giving all water blessings away
to wringing hands.
So lovely is the thirst blessing
that reaches the tongue,
so lovely the hopeful dancing,
so lovely the abandoning of
stolen insight,
these cups in the midst of weeping
The mist settles softly over all eyes
and tears become
a flowing settlement
an agreement
between willing souls.

By Lutia Lausane, copyright Just Peachy Productions, November 2017

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