Spiritual Companioning.

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We are often quite good at tracking our physical development: we have scales and tape measures, scores, and those treasures in our closet (hopefully that still fit, or hopefully will soon). But tracking our spiritual development is a little more subtle. When did yoga have more appeal for you that church? When did a rising full moon fill you with awe, and encourage you to say yes to that all important question? How do we put together a liturgy to welcome a child into our world, or one to honour the passing of a loved one? How do we cobble meaning to the passages in our daily lives?

My search for ways in which to mark and make meaning of life’s inevitable passages began with my first wedding, a failed wedding, and sadly a failed wedding service. I got lost in words and actions that had little meaning for me. The purpose of tracking one’s spiritual life is not to make us more alike, but to honour the unique experience of a single individual set apart. To track our spiritual development is to participate in profound self discovery and cosmic connection.

Over the years I have worked with many individuals, couples and families to tailor liturgies, words, music and actions, filled with love, meaning and honour. I am an ordained United Church minister, so I can help you put a legal stamp on your service. I am a trained spiritual companion working with clergy and lay people alike. I have worked on dreams with people who say they can’t remember dreams, and then one day, there it is: a voice from the unconscious. And I am currently training in evolutionary astrology—and what could be more unique yet more connected than one’s personal natal chart?

If you are welcoming something new in your life and would like to mark it with family and friends, get in touch with me. I would love to work with you. How to find me? Best to start with a phone call

(416) 588-3121

or send me an e-mail


or check out my website (a work in progress)


I’ll be waiting to hear from you.



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