Waiting for Sophie

Do you remember the story of Susanna bathing while the local rabbi spied? Such is our relationship with Wisdom–linked as it is to our human foibles! Sophia in the Hebrew tradition is the name for Wisdom–a condition most of us seek and never quite attain. And so in this series of stories that I call Waiting for Sophie, we glimpse our persuit of Wisdom, and the folly of some of our efforts. We’ll wait for Sophie in the back garden of the Mansion of Stories, where there is a lake, a stream, a woods, and a storyteller. The first story is called Night Reading–and you’ll find it here.

Waiting for Sophie is a series of stories that are are word puzzles meant to keep us curious about life. Think of all the gadgets, toys, jokes and tales with which we surround ourselves. Each morning I walk through the rooms of my home taking note of the pictures, the gifts, the certificates, the books, the stream of media formats from LP’s to cassette tapes, to an old VCR right up to my cell phone, and of course my secret cupboard of journals. I imagine a walk through your place would reveal all this and more. We are a very curious species! And I feel  it is being curious about one another and about life that keeps us going. Read latest link on Waiting for Sophie

1. Night Reading 

2. The best service

3. Log & Fly

4. Music Lesson

5. Dog & Gentle Person

6. The Will

7.Tie Your Horse

8. Time is Time

9. Preference

10. Teacher in the Well

11-On Eating Cotton

12-How Many Tales

13-On Catching Racoons

14-New Waters

15-Cage, Fall & Flight

16-Two Visitors, Two Bowls

17-The Ancient Chest

18-Cat and Apples


20-Field of Gold

21-Water, Wind & Sand

22-Clay Birds

23-Three Realms

24-The Best Dream

Archive of all Waiting for Sophie Stories 

23-Three Realms
24-The Best Dream
25-Stored Gold
27-Belief #2
28-Pitcher & Handle
29-The Right Stuff
30-Bird’s Advice

all episodes copyright Just Peachy Productions Ltd.

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